1Why "working relationship?" Because the purpose of therapy is to work on improving your life. The therapeutic relationship may be a friendly one, but the therapist is not there to be your friend. He is there to help you work out your problems.
2This does not mean that all forms of mental illness can be treated by medication, but that more can be treated by medication than by any other approach.
3Whether this situation is a good thing or a bad thing can doubtless be debated, but is not the focus here.
4See Section for an experimental technique that attempts to answer this question on an individual basis.
5Whether this is in fact the best way to categorize the symptoms is a question around which debate remains. Some have argued that categorization into positive and negative symptoms is arbitrary, and introduces a type of bias that is more misleading than useful. That discussion, however, is beyond the scope of this book.
6Dyskinesia is the general term for abnormal movements, while tardive means late. The combination tardive dyskinesia means late-onset movement disorder, and refers to abnormal movements produced some time after antipsychotic medication has been taken.
7Cyproheptadine is also used in the treatment of serotonin syndrome.

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